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Since early childhood, my resonance with nature has provided a basis for the values and sense
of direction that have emerged throughout my life. My interest in health
and wellbeing had manifested by the age of four when I was determined that I was going to
grow up to become a doctor. However, my parents had other designs, so they enrolled me in a
challenging course of studies through the local Suzuki Violin school. By the age of nine, I had left
Suzuki and was studying privately with violinist Sydney Humphreys, a friend and colleague of the
famed violinist Yehudi Menuhin. Through Sydney, I discovered the incredible gift and
potential of what being human means. Seeing his students as capable of achieving great
heights made him such an empowering teacher. Sydney opened up my senses to the
world of tone, colour and vibration. You didn’t play the violin. You became one with the
expression of the music. You were the instrument through which it flowed. Sometime later, while
working in the human service field, I realised I was still practising what I had learned
from Sydney. 
My early and emerging focus on nature and natural systems eventually propelled me to my work
assisting Dr Dino Paulos, who some call the “grandfather of biological dentistry”. As well as
opening my eyes to the world of nutrition and the need to deal with the mental/ emotional
aspects of serious illness, much of Dino’s work focused on the structural elements of a person’s
bite and spine as contributing to disease. At Dino’s clinic, I began to find an emerging
sense of fit with Chiropractic. 
Today my life’s path has taken me to the outer fringes of Chiropractic medicine as I seek to
impart to patients the idea that they can live a long and healthy life by having fresh air, clean
water, good rest, healthy nutrition, regular exercise and care of their spine. When you visit me at
my clinic or consult me online; I will be interested to hear any discoveries about your health that
you’ve made, and you’ll probably hear about the latest research I’ve read on good nutrition or
exercise is a keystone to a healthy body and life.

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